How to Create Test Profiles in R-Server | Quick Guide

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This short video explains how to create Test Profiles, using VeEX's R-Server Web Interface (Administrator), using a Home Installation Process profile example.

* Web Interface: Administrators, managers and/or supervisors can create and edit the different test profiles required to verify home installations (birth certificates), including defining Channel Tables, Test Points (locations), required Tests at each location, PASS/FAIL thresholds, and more, to simplify the test routine for technicians in the field.

An example is shown with a CX310 (CATV/DOCSIS) test set. The R-Server client and HIP v2 features are also available in the CX350s and CX380s.

Part of VeEX’s VeSion™ centralized monitoring and management solutions, the R-Server workforce and asset management system provides the most crucial tools to manage fleets of technicians, test equipment, standardized test profiles, thresholds, scripts and workflow, centralized test results and data collection, jobs/ticketing, and software update delivery to create coordinated and efficient disciplined test procedures. It doesn’t eliminate the human factor, instead R-Server enhances it to achieve the level of quality required by telecommunications service providers, MSOs and their contractors. The flexible R-Server can be deployed in cloud, hosted, and corporate networks, on physical or virtualized servers.

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