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This short How-To video guide shows the three basic functions of the VeExpress Client included in the RXT, TX300s and MTTplus test platforms:
1. Request License from the VeEX-managed cloud server
2. Release License back to the cloud server
3. Download Platform & Modules Software upgrades from the cloud

The Request and Release functions enable transfering test features (Licenses) from one test set to another (also known as Sharing or Floating), reducing CapEx and OpEx by purchasing fewer licenses for those transmission technologies or protocols that are not used all the time and sharing them make sense.

Users can also Rent and Lease-to-Own licenses using VeExpress Service. Rented licenses can also be shared among the user group.

Basic VeExpress Cloud Services are available to VeEX customers, free of charge.

The term "License" refers to test features and functions, also known as software options, that can be enabled and disabled on a particular test set with proper hardware support.

For more details, visit: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/ProductSystem/VeExpress

Notes: The examples in this video were recorded with the “Automated Assignment” function Enabled in the group’s account. If Automated Assignment is disabled, some of the transactions depicted in this how-to video may require administrator’s approval. Go to www.veexinc.com, download and refer to the “Peer-to-peer License Sharing Using VeExpress” application note for details. https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Download/TechnicalNotes/88840003

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